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Weight loss on gabapentin

weight loss on gabapentin

I started taking gabapentin (neurontin) in August for neuropathic pain and since then have found it really hard to lose weight.
I have put on 2.5 stone since February on the Gabapentin and I am desperately trying to lose weight. I used to be 9.5 stone and I am currently.
I'm not sure the problem with Neurontin is making a person hungry One of the side effects is often weight loss, but not an entirely good drug.

Weight loss on gabapentin - drug

I feel like it's messed my whole nervous system up. The pain without the drug is too much to stop it, but the weight gain and lowered motivation is life altering. I can't remember how much I was taking, and didn't keep a health journal at that time. Has anyone been on Lyrica and not gained weight? I know that is not good to restrict calories, just wanted to maked it clear it is not due to too much caloric intake. But the drug is recommended only when other medications have been ineffective, and is problematic for bulimic people of normal or low body weight. There were objections from the staff since I would need sedating and was unable to consent!

Contest Prep and Competition Discussion. Topamax gave me more severe side-effect mood changes, anger, etc. Search on Patient stories Protect anonymity We strongly suggest that members do not include their email addresses. The low dose helps me and causes no problems at all. Extreme drowsiness is probably the more limiting side-effect as it impacts upon driving I don't, but it needs to be considered and also on what can be accomplished during the day between naps. I see an Endo in Sept to address both these issues.

weight loss on gabapentin

I hardly ever cry. There can be many causes and sometimes, they are unknown. Forum Home Latest Discussions View Recent Posts FAQ Rules Code gabapentun Conduct Terms of Service. Additional Medication to Treat Partial Seizures Medications. If ever there was a n alternative reality to escape too. So my weight loss on gabapentin is this.

Gabapentiin external URL pointing to a medical web site is permitted. I move better and feel better. For me the side effects do get easier with time and i did find that both worked for the pain although Lyrica worked slightly better for me. Certainly patients also sleeping better at night have a more better cortisol level which, does assist with weight lose as well. NCBI Weight loss on gabapentin to main. Vision was balance issues but mostly deep tiredness. Topamax is very sedative like as wel.


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